December 4, 2013
Pacific Freight acquires 100 percent of the line-haul and bulk ground contracts of Go Ground, Inc. Go Ground was the largest intrastate line-haul operator and bulk ground contractor for FedEx Ground in San Diego and Otay, California.

June 12, 2014
Pacific Freight, Inc. wins a competitive bid for a new FedEx Ground growth opportunity. The new contract is a dedicated line-haul route transporting freight for FedEx Ground from San Diego to Rialto, Industry, Los Angeles, Burbank and back to San Diego. The bid was open to contractors based in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. The firm also increased its fleet capacity in order to service this new contract.

August 18, 2015
Pacific Freight acquires 2 SmartPost routes from Rodriguez Carriers. The SmartPost routes service Blythe, Whittier, Lancaster and Santa Maria. Pacific Freight added personnel and power units to service this route.